Bottle Opener Flaminggo

Bottle Opener Flaminggo

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This bird bottle opener is the perfect kitchen accessory for your home or weekend house. It is such a beautiful piece by its self already that it can rest on your table as a decoration and later surprisingly be used to open some bottles. It comes with four options of colours that have their own feel to it. 

We think it is a great gift for nature lovers and for people who like to add a little extra to their homes.


Material: Solid Brass

The Cire Perdue Brass Casting Method

All our solid brass items are made with the intricate wax casting process that has a rich history. The method used to craft this process is entirely handmade and was known long ago. The French call it Cire Perdue - which stands for a process used in metal casting that consists of making a wax model, coating it with clay to form a mould, heating until the wax melts, and runs out of small holes left in the mould, and then pouring metal into the space left vacant. When the metal inside is dry the clay is removed and the product is ready to be cleaned and polished. In this relatively long process, you can recognise that each product must be made with care for detail. Needless to say that the length of processing every single item is different and that even the weather plays a significant role in making brass items as when the weather is rainy they need longer to dry and need weeks to be finished. 

Anyhow, we do accept custom orders but they might take a month or two to be finished.

Size: 9.5 x 6 x 0,4 cm

Weight: 44.5g