About Us

Live a little sparkle everywhere you go!

Based in the island of Bali, My Cup of Love is a cozy little nook lovingly stocked with handmade jewelry, decor and gifts.

In MY CUP OF LOVE, we try to create things that will bring some “magic” to your everyday life. Created by artisan families who have been crafting, weaving and carving for many generations, all of our products are handmade in the rural areas of the beautiful island of Bali. Each piece is unique and blessed during the daily ceremonies that our artisans perform.

We hope that every product we make will bring a little sparkle to someone, making their life a bit magical.  Any product, even a tiny one that ends up in your life, was meant specifically for you. It will bring a blessing to your home and your loved ones.

Everything is ethically produced and crafted with love by local artisans and good communities. Done in fair trade and sold with really affordable prices.